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We believe it’s possible to look good, feel good AND inspire the world around us. Even, and perhaps most especially, with something as simple as what we choose to wear each day. Your desire to wear your values and your care, is what keeps us growing. Together, we’re creating and reaching more people with messages of love, hope and understanding. That’s something we take very seriously.

— Lacy Kirkland



In October 2017, we hand delivered 65 "You Matter" t-shirts to Sky View Middle School. Before these incredible teachers presented each other with their shirts, sharing why they matter to each other, we shared the story of our beginnings, why these teachers matter so much to our communities, and the kind of impact we hope that Matter Apparel has in the world.

Watch the story below:

(Courtesy of Lauren Melnik and KTVZ News Channel 21:



Can one small thing, like what we choose to wear each morning, change our mood, our experience of the day and inspire others, too?

We think so!

In 2017, Lacy started MATTER APPAREL, a clothing company with a mission to wear your care and your values, to change a life with simple gestures, and to both look good and feel good while wearing these shirts, hoodies and hats.

Lacy's decisions to take on how people see themselves and each other is catching on as messages of positivity, hope, and encouragement in hospitals, schools, at events and and corporations. People all over the world are sharing her simple vision, recognizing our bodies as an inspiring piece of real estate to evoke powerful meaning and change in people's lives.

MATTER APPAREL was inspired by its founder, Lacy's, battle through medical crises as a teen, she found both identity and comfort in the clothing she wore while in the hospital and as she recovered and went on to create her life. Positivity within and around her helped her heal and so she thought maybe a simple thing like what we wear could really change our experience of each other and of life.

She searched for clothing that had soft comfortable and quality fabric and also shared an inspiring message. She found some that caught her attention but none that were quite right.

Lacy spent at least 10 of those years searching, flabbergasted by the shirts people were willing to buy, let alone put on their bodies to both represent themselves and the company in which they bought the shirt...

If people were willing to wear shirts with the text: "Mean People Suck" "You're Boring" and any number of shirts promoting alcohol, movies or athletic brands, surely if they had the option and understood that what we put out into the world, we get back, well then maybe they would decide what they stand for and wear that. Maybe one small thing, like what we choose to wear each morning could change our mood, our experience of the day and inspire others, too!

"Have you ever looked at a stranger and they smiled at you? And their smile... the simple gesture of being seen by a total stranger lifted your spirits, or maybe even made your day?" she asked.

"That's why I created MATTER APPAREL. Because every little thing counts. We get messages of inspiration and hope everywhere."

Each design features it's own story based on an experience or life lesson that propelled Lacy's life forward. She hopes these words fill your heart and fuel your soul... She adds, "May you always know that in everything you are and everything you do: YOU MATTER. YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU BELONG HERE. LOVE HARD. THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY."

Style & Quality

We searched long and hard to find the best quality, style and comfort for each item in our collection. Our goal is to merge soft comforts of a warm hug, your favorite cozy tee with inspiration, a splash of color and a message that is changing the world around us. Beginning with you!

Made with 100% <3 + Positivity in Portland, OR.

You can purchase clothing anywhere. The point isn't to put a shirt on your body and call it good. The point of our movement is to bring greater positivity, understanding, kindness, awareness and LOVE to our world. We understand that it begins with us and the way create your apparel with love and care.