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"I love traveling with my You Matter shirt. It's great to see people's face light up and smile when they read it."

- Evan

"I chose the 'There is always a way' t-shirt because teal is my favorite color, and it just felt fitting for my life. I wore it the other day under a cozy cardigan and not only did I look freakin cute, but I felt empowered! Pretty rad stuff!" 

- Erica


"I actually bought the shirt for my husband to let him know that being himself was more than enough. :) I’ve been slowly updating his t-shirt collection with more meaningful pieces and this seemed like a perfect addition to it."

- Nancy


“We believe in inclusion. In diversity. In loving everyone regardless of their race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. We believe in respect. We believe in Matter Apparel because it stands for everything that is the foundation of our household. We will set an example, not be afraid, and wear our love proud. You are safe with us.”

- Shannon


"Lately I've been feeling like I need to do more good and I love that you are doing it. That you are spreading these messages of love and hope. I love to think how these messages might change the outlook for someone who is feeling down and feeling hopeless. 

I chose "There's Always A Way" because I feel like it encompasses so many aspects of life. I love this message of hope and inspiration. It reminds me that we are not victims and together we can change the world for the better. My fiancee immediately picked the "You Matter" tee and I love that he did because it's a powerful message."

- Caitlin


"I love to help support people and brands with true meaning.  The reason YOU MATTER and YOU ARE ENOUGH resonates with me is because my wife and I are raising 3 young women.  Our daughters are our world.  We want them to always know that they matter and that, no matter what, they are enough.

A simple hat or t-shirt worn can send a powerful message.  By wearing the apparel I become the massage.  Meaning now YOU MATTER and YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

Who knows when I wear your brand I may see someone who I feel is struggling, point up at the hat to let them know YOU MATTER and end up saving their life.  You never know. Maybe that's all they needed.  That's how powerful I feel those messages are."  

- David


"I teach elementary school PE. I spend every day interacting with K-5 grade students and I love the idea that my shirt might be able to tell them how I feel. My job is unique because I have 530 students and see 4 classes of kids on any given day. That is a lot of impressionable developing minds and hearts.

As a kid who went through a time of not believing I mattered and that I belonged in this world, I can imagine even the small glimpse of hope I might have felt seeing a shirt such as those you have created.

As a teacher to so many students, I know I cannot look in each child's eye and tell them I believe they matter - I only have 30 minutes to teach them physical activity - so if my shirt can show them I believe in them, then that is awesome!!

I purchased the You Matter shirt, but hope this is the start of a collection I can curate. I cannot wait to wear my shirt to school!!" 

- Robin 


"Thank you so much for being a positive force out in this world. I've gotten stopped a couple of times on the street here in Salt Lake City while wearing this shirt asking where they can get one from." 

- Kevin


"Just about a year ago we had a 7th grader take his life and it absolutely ROCKED our school off its foundation. Our students and staff and community were shocked and heartbroken over the loss of this amazing child. And of course we all wondered, could we have done something more? What if he knew he mattered??

I am beyond lucky to do the job that I do. I love my students, our staff and our entire school. People talk about middle school being the worst years of their lives, but I am hopeful that our students remember middle school being a place filled with love and constant reminders that they matter. :)"

- Colene


"I waited to order something because I wasn't sure what would work for someone my age. lol. And then this week I went through a couple of tough days. And I watched your video of why you started your company. And I reminded myself that I matter. To myself. And to others. I matter.”

- Kathy


"I just got this photo from my friend, Woody. He is serving in a hospital in Iraq. It’s hard to tell under a bulletproof vest... but that is your shirt he is wearing ‘there is always a way.’ That’s the shirt he picked because the words meant something to him. I asked him to take the shirt and take a photo to show you where your words have gone.”

- Allison


"Love the shirt! I love how people always say to me, 'I matter?' And then I assure them that they do!"   

- Deanna


"Thanks for getting me this awesome hat! I freaking love it! It makes me feel great! I think the best part about it is that it gives me accountability. I literally become more intentional about treating people like they matter when I wear it because I don’t want to say one thing and do another."

- Jose



"I wanted to show my kids that kindness is never wasted and that every encounter should leave someone better than you found them. So I bought several shirts and hats for all of us. It’s a simple way to spread goodness and it’s important for our kids to see us do that."